Violin lessons for adults and children!

Many people ask me when it is appropriate for a child to take violin lessons. While there are many philosophies, theories, and methods that suggest a certain age when it comes to learning a musical instrument, I prescribe to the Suzuki violin method which says “as soon as they’re potty trained!” And why not? By this point in a child’s development, they usually can manage to hold their attention for a minute or two, especially when musical games, songs, and activities are involved. Violin lessons in person or through Skype are geared towards the fun, the interesting, and the exploring mind!

One of the most popular tools I use in violin lessons (in person or on Skype) is Candlyland. Who doesn't love this game?

One of the most popular tools I use in violin lessons (in person or on Skype) is Candlyland. Who doesn’t love this game?

Through the tools learned during lessons, a child can learn discipline, focus, and the violin! Still not potty trained? Parents can do a LOT with young children…even newborns! The more music they hear through singing and recordings, the more in love they will fall with music. Not only that, but the numerous developmental benefits of music can positively effect your child’s/children’s mental focus and capacity! How fantastic is that?! Don’t know where to start? Contact me and I can help give you some suggestions in person, through email, or even on Skype to help your child get off on the right foot with violin lessons and music education!

Are you an adult who would like to learn violin? Well, no problem! It’s never too late, violin lessons are for everyone! And the benefits gained through learning a musical instrument such as the violin are just as great for adults as they are for children. While we age, small motor skills can sometimes become challenging. The connections you form between your brain and your large and small muscle groups, the better it is for you! Stay active and take a chance! It’s easy to do in person, but you can also sign up for Skype violin lesson! Learn the violin!

Live in Arizona (Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Guadalupe, Maricopa, Cave Creek, Queen Creek, and all the areas around Arizona)? Contact me and we can get you started on violin lessons either in person on even through Skype!

Skype lessons are also offered for anyone around the world! Take violin lessons online! It’s easy, convenient, and I can work with your schedule to help you with violin. I teach classical, western, fiddle, Suzuki, and much more! Contact me to ask about possible Skype lessons!

A Fun History of the Violin Videos!

Have you checked out our YouTube page? We’re taking our prep for comprehensive exams (big ol’ college tests!) to the next level, combining humor and entertainment with the history of violin. If you’re a violinist of any age, music educator, or just someone who wants to be prepared for that rare category on Jeopardy, check it out!

Also, we’re looking for students!! If you’re in the Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, or nearby area, and would like to learn violin, send us a note! We also play at events, so if you have an upcoming wedding, party or corporate event, contact us!


Comedy and Classical Music Collide

kStrahmFor the past two years, I’ve been sneaking around Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for the Arts Music Department filming the funny parts. Many people suppose that a university music department is a serious institution, and that the high-brow art comes from the tortured souls that know no laughter or humor. Wrong! Along with the tradition of audience behavior rules and 12-tone serialism that makes you question music expression that came about only a century or so ago, musicians and composers alike are some of the funniest people I know. So why not share the humanistic qualities that comes from the soul of composers, down through their pens onto paper, through the eyes and heart of performers to the…well, not to the audience. That would be low-brow.

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