Benefits of Skype Violin Lessons

Have you wanted to take violin lessons, but just don’t live in an area with a violin teacher? Or perhaps your schedule doesn’t afford you the time out of your day to travel to and from a teacher? Then Skype violin lessons are for you!

Skype violin lessons are becoming more and more popular for these reasons and others. Lessons require different tactics when taught online…the violin teacher must be able to describe movements and the physical feelings that a violin student should be experiencing across many miles! The violin student too learns in a different way. Corrections to technique must be made and experienced by the student. This type of learning has it’s advantages! While at an in-person lesson, a teacher can physically change the posture of a finger, elbow or shoulder, a student must process the information and figure out how to move their own body in the correct way. It gets easier as lessons progress, but both Skype violin lessons and in-person lessons are fantastic for learning the violin!

I have been teaching violin for over fifteen years. If you’re interested in Skype violin lessons, contact me! I also do in-person lessons for violin students who live in the Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Surprise, Sun City, Gilbert, Cave Creek, Queen Creek, Maricopa, and Guadalupe areas! Start this week! Learning the violin is inspiring, educational, and a lot of fun!